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1.Directioner1516.10.13 pm31 19:00
2.pari112312.10.13 pm31 21:42
last update 21.9.2019 15:22:08

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Player score Description Reached on
Directioner 15 / Deaths Space Elites 16.10.13 pm31 19:00
pari11 23 / Deaths Space Elites 12.10.13 pm31 21:42
Directioner 23 / Deaths Space Elites 12.10.13 pm31 18:04
WesP 25 / Deaths Space Elites 09.09.13 pm30 23:47
kuba75 90 / Deaths Space Elites 07.09.13 pm30 13:19
mack 21 / Deaths Space Elites 03.09.13 pm30 16:45
last update 21.9.2019 15:22:08


Space Dexterity 2

Space Dexterity 2

Do you want to just a fly in your spaceship and find out what some aliens think? Try it in today’s game where you can get some nice score.
Control the flying saucer which has a simple task. Get from one hole into another one. There are many obstacles in your way, meteors, stones and some other black holes. Any bump into them means losing the spaceship. Choose from the possibilities, First to Portal is about getting as far as possible and in Least Death the collisions are counted.

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Space Dexterity 2 Space Dexterity 2

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