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phanka 31206 / Score Best Overall Score 24.03.14 pm31 16:03
phanka 31205 / Score Game Score 24.03.14 pm31 15:43
Sajp 287885 / Score Game Score 04.03.14 pm31 23:35
Sajp 237545 / Score Game Score 04.03.14 pm31 23:23
Sajp 111265 / Score Game Score 04.03.14 pm31 22:54
BB 13361 / Score Best Overall Score 12.02.14 pm28 21:21
BB 13361 / Score Best Overall Score 12.02.14 pm28 21:21
sevilla 143000 / Score Game Score 26.01.14 pm31 20:37
sevilla 124500 / Score Game Score 26.01.14 pm31 20:34
sevilla 113120 / Score Game Score 26.01.14 pm31 20:33
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Brilliant Crystals

Brilliant Crystals

Just become an owl with magical wand and connect crystals to create three of the same kind and you have one great game. It looks magical, classical and it offers much more than it looks.
Brilliant Crystals looks so beautiful thanks the whole graphics and several well made effects, you will just love it. The main goal is finding a special stone which must be filled with all the colors you use, the game isn’t only about points. Use several magical bonuses and solve things as more colors or useless stones. The game may have slow progress but it’s still great fun.

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Brilliant Crystals Brilliant Crystals Brilliant Crystals

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