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UnHynek 0 / Score High Scores 19.03.14 pm31 21:28
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UnHynek 10800 / Score High Scores 11.03.14 pm31 18:21
UnHynek 4200 / Score High Scores 08.03.14 pm31 22:23
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UnHynek 900 / Score High Scores 06.03.14 pm31 20:20
UnHynek 8400 / Score High Scores 06.03.14 pm31 17:46
UnHynek 3600 / Score High Scores 06.03.14 pm31 17:30
UnHynek 201900 / Score High Scores 06.03.14 am31 09:36
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Holiday Clix

Holiday Clix

Christmas is coming so let’s spend the waiting playing this great and quick logic game. Show that you have the faster reflexes and best perception and make your own best score.
This game is very simple and you just need to use the mouse to mark the symbols you want to destroy. More and more are falling down, only few at the beginning but the better you get the more types you have to deal with. You need to have minimally three of the same kind in the line. When the screen is filled the game is over. Don’t forget to share your score with use and compare it with other FreeGame players!.

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Holiday Clix Holiday Clix Holiday Clix Holiday Clix

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