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Johnny Finder 2

Johnny Finder 2

Again experiencing bitten adventurer Johnny, who knows every trick and ruse. This time he faces a series of puzzles to demonstrate his skill. In unfamiliar terrain full of prying customs officers and policemen is forced to take on the strange appearance, hiding from the grenades and overcomes the barbed wire. Can he outsmart all the pitfalls and successfully arrive at final destination? Plug your imagination and ingenuity, which will surely bring out from the pitfalls in the end. Maybe Johnny becomes a victim of wicked adherents of the law, but fortunately the fate meted out to him unlimited number of attempts. And so may try his luck to the end of the world. If you are in a milder nature abound, Johnny would rather avoid, you never know if you can just experience his not the most humane death.

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Johnny Finder 2 Johnny Finder 2