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Roly-Poly Eliminator 2

Roly-Poly Eliminator 2

With this game you don’t need to be afraid of ghosts and strange creatures at all. These things are the main heroes of this logic games filled with explosions, sharp items and eliminating.
Roly-Poly Eliminator 2 is for every slightly crazy person. We have here many levels where is the goal liquidating all the strange creatures. But hitting them with something would be classic and boring. Here, you start a chain reaction and accidents by cutting ropes and moving big things. The gameplay is great, let’s say that all the elements work perfectly. So kids and weak stomachs hands back and the rest – have fun.

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Roly-Poly Eliminator 2 Roly-Poly Eliminator 2 Roly-Poly Eliminator 2

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