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Atom Heart

Atom Heart

Atom Heart is a real challenge, which combines a brilliant ride on a motorcycle, you must also use it for own survival. You find yourself indeed among bloodthirsty undead, which most of all crave for your flesh. You embark on a sub-mission, which is also a test of your skills. In one of them you need to achieve eradication of a certain number of zombies, destroying the booby-traps in another, the other holds the most important goal-to survive. It must rely not only on your driving skills but also observation, be able to to escape in time to set traps. In the bleak canals you will encounter many unpleasant surprises. but we can fairly well defend against them through the protective shield that will relieve pressure for a time following blast wave of set bombs. With others, however, you have to cope alone. At the end of each successfully completed mission, you can find out how you did and maybe create a new record.

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Atom Heart Atom Heart

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