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Just Shut Up And Drive

Just Shut Up And Drive

This game is about real racing. There are no tracks or stadiums but you can expect great driving in nature, desert, mountains and a city. The graphic is nice close to Lotus style. It's not important the position you finish with, but if you want nice points try to win. After you finish a new map is unlocked. Passing other cars and racers is a bit tricky and unpleasant thanks the heavy traffic.

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Just Shut Up And Drive Just Shut Up And Drive

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Old classic of my childhood, it's a bit unknow game but still brought me som good ol' memories.
25.03.2015 pm31 21:35:37

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18.03.2015 pm31 23:21:37

best game you fags
18.03.2015 pm31 23:21:32

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14.03.2015 pm31 13:42:43

14.03.2015 pm31 13:42:31

esse jogo ele e muito da hora
01.03.2015 am31 11:02:05