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Latin Heat

Latin Heat

Working at the club behind the bar may seem pretty good. But if you want to try for yourself, try this for now . Gradually you discover that serve all customers, it is almost impossible, so some large, complex orders, just let go. While you do not get money from them, however manage to serve you two others. Although you start with beer, you will gradually have to learn to give shots and mix drinks for different needs. Finally, you don't know where your head is. If you had saved money, you can buy new clothes for the barmaid, which, although more expensive, for it is getting less.: o) Or do you save a little more and you take a guy who will help you clear the bar of glass used. It must be acknowledged that this is an interesting simulation, after which you will not be in the bar swearing at poor service, rather it is the only knowing and perhaps as well as sympathetic look.: o)

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Latin Heat Latin Heat

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