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tomasjanota 128 / Points FreeStyle 05.12.13 am31 00:18
tomasjanota 95 / Points FreeStyle 05.12.13 am31 00:14
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ovninja 2289 / Score Career (Normal) 09.08.12 am31 01:50
ma_ta_sot 76 / Points FreeStyle 05.08.12 am31 00:09
mack 161 / Points FreeStyle 04.08.12 pm31 15:14
mack 144 / Points FreeStyle 04.08.12 pm31 15:14
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Love to Jump

Love to Jump

Trampolining has been at Olympic Games only for 12 year but today you can try it as well.
The first round is about trying the basic types of jumps and testing what can you do. Choose from four participants that vary in basic skills. The tournament brings certain moves you have to pass and get some nice points according results and difficulty. Every round is about 21 seconds of jumping. Getting one star opens freestyle to get some high-score results.

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Love to Jump Love to Jump Love to Jump Love to Jump

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