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Arcandian Revenant

Arcandian Revenant

Fight a rough battle and win never ending glory and credit. Create your own man or woman who isn’t alone thanks the possibility to send his loyal troops. Improve your character in defense or attack find treasurers and explore many skills.
Start by choosing from the main races – Arcandiana or more skeleton type Necretiana. To move in the world, click on the arrows on the sides. Visit your troop in castle, use your skills talents, visit inventory and do much more. Do you feel some preparation to fight? Then click on the map and choose some enemy area. It’s important if it’s dungeon or whole army. In the first thing the game is only solo and you choose what type of attack you want to use. The battle of armies is much more interesting. The battleground is separated into small game areas and you have to use your tactics to move the soldiers.

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Arcandian Revenant Arcandian Revenant Arcandian Revenant

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