New MMORPG announced - Chronicle: Runescape Legends

New MMORPG announced - Chronicle: Runescape Legends

Jagex, authors of popular MMORPG RuneScape, are beginning work on a new game. Chronicle: RuneScape Legends will be game taking place in RunScape universe but it shall be collectible card fun. Tasks, enemies, bosses and more stuff shall be what the players of the original game know. The game is scheduled to 2015.


Štěpán Plachý / Twister

Publikováno: 15.10.2014

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Rinai | 30.01.15 am31 10:14

MMO RPG + Runescape = seems legendary! ♥

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Wanting to know if there is a way to play this still? A game as close to it as possible.
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