World of Tanks

The phenomenon among online games. World of Tanks will provide you with the experience of the huge tank battles. Try faithfully processed models of tanks from the Second World War, enjoy the action and tactics on many maps. This game goes much further than you could ever think of. Sophisticated game mechanics, clan wars, improving tanks and much more. On this theme, we bring you the instructions, tips and news about the game WOT.Try World of Tanks for free!

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Casual Connect

Casual Connect is a unique event, which specializes in "casual games" - a games for casual gamers, their development and distribution. The conference is accompanied by a series of interesting lectures provided by great speakers. There are many indie games and their developers. The conference is 4 times per year at various locations in the USA, Europe and Asia. Freegame brings you information on these events.

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Game Developers Session

Game Developers Conference Session is taking place repeatedly every year, for many years, in the Czech Republic. This is a great reunion for game developers who are exchanging experiences through lectures and networking. The conference is open to the public and even for non-developer, it is always a very interesting visit to the world of games.

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