Battle Stormer Classics

Battle Stormer Classics

Spawn fights Darth Vader? And what’s this... Captain America kicks ass to Robotnik? That’s really some crazy stuff. Fighting game celebrating many heroes and game characters.
The last 20 years have offered many special comic and game heroes. But only here, you can try fo free fighting with several of them. You can choose from classic arcade mode or move to survival (various scenarios) or play with or against your friend in multiplayer. The control is simple, just use the key arrows and ASD combinations. The combos and attacks must be learned in the game because every hero and characters has its special attacks and move. Some of the feel weak, for example Captain America is really terrible and useless guy here. The graphics is fine retro and thanks the modes and addictive gameplay, you can have really great time.

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Twister | 22.05.12 am31 01:17

You are welcome, it's really good game

Douglas Baldan | 21.05.12 am31 06:39

Hi there, here is O Ilusionista, one of the makers of this game. Thanks for the support :)


Battle Stormer Classics Battle Stormer Classics Battle Stormer Classics Battle Stormer Classics Battle Stormer Classics

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