Dead Meets Lead

Dead Meets Lead

Zombies are all around you. Isn’t it beautiful? For fans of action game it is. Become a caption and travel, survive on dangerous island. A disease that turns everyone into zombies and mutants is here. Time to take a weapon.
You won’t be alone in this game any minute because every step is met with many zombies. Control a soldier, captain whose fate has put him on this place. Thanks the huge number of enemies you can enjoy great action game where the surviving and progress are only through hack and slash fight or shooting. Use sword or gun but the combat is mostly face to face until you are able to find some bullet. More weapons can be bought for silver coins taken from the dead zombies. This creates a question if it’s good to kill or not. Sometimes, it’s just fine to run through some passages.
You can even collect potions refilling your health and the end of level is marked by a treasure. The graphics is fine 3D, the game, before turned into free version, was commercial. Therefore you have to use a registration key on the official website.

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Dead Meets Lead Dead Meets Lead Dead Meets Lead Dead Meets Lead Dead Meets Lead Dead Meets Lead Dead Meets Lead

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