King of Streets

King of Streets

Who is the best fighter or wrestler? Who will kick some asses and beat the opponents? Who will get the King of the streets title? The correct answer is only one and the way to it isn’t easy.
For the brawl lovers is this piece here with great tempo, good control and balanced difficulty.
Begin with choosing one character, their story why they participate in his tournament is different. Then the bag of fights approach with different opponents and the ending is with some twist.
The whole game is classic brawl piece so the way to success is through hitting the right keys dealing some nice punches and hits. There aren’t many of them so you will learn them quite quickly. The difficulty changes the tempo but the end is always about seating. The game was surely inspired by Mortal Combat thanks the finish bloody combos.

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King of Streets King of Streets King of Streets King of Streets King of Streets King of Streets

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