Minestein 3D

Minestein 3D

Minestein 3D is mix of the old Wolfenstein 3D and very popular hit Minecraft. Another indie game you shouldn’t miss.
Wolfenstein 3D is one very old game and god for many 3D shooter from year 1992. It shocked with its anti-Nazism theme. You took a role of one spy William Blazkowicz and shot hundreds of German soldiers. Minecraft offers open worlds where they can mine, build and craft anything they desire and players are limited only by their fantasy.
Minestein brings the same graphics as in Wolfenstein 3D and you can change between the modes where you shoot and where you build. The only thing I really didn’t like was the sensitive control.

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Minestein 3D Minestein 3D Minestein 3D

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