Starfire - Ares Assault

Starfire - Ares Assault

Retro space shooter with solid tempo and great music through the gameplay. So how many hardcore players feel beating the game?
Space – deep, mysterious and dangerous place. Set off to its exploration in a small shuttle and face incoming enemies. It’s not only about avoiding but the shooting part is necessary as well. Simple content packed in great music.
This straight gameplay and tempo make some room for fans of this fun type and few different difficulties keep it high.
The shooting is no automatic thing, that’s wrong, you have to press Ctrl key all the time. Shooting and special plasma drains energy which is your health as well. The game is in nice retro style with great tempo and music. What I would like see next time is some changes in the background.

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Starfire - Ares Assault Starfire - Ares Assault Starfire - Ares Assault Starfire - Ares Assault

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