Bewilder House

Bewilder House

You don’t know why but you wake up in an amusement house park and you have to find the way out. Don’t go in the game if you hate clowns.
Bewilder House is great example when you combine Slender horror style with some logic content. If you want to progress you have to use special map and find the right spot in every level to unlock the way into the next one. . The good and simple time ends when you will be followed by a clown, he moves only when you aren’t looking at him.

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Sofia | 01.02.16 pm29 22:39

Fantastic game!! Check out my friend playing it on youtube!! :D (

cristian | 06.06.15 am30 02:07


ruben | 15.02.15 am28 08:33


meli973 | 27.12.14 pm31 17:33

bien ! mais comment jouer sans telecharger svp help ? merci davance de repondre svp #reponder

DARIO | 14.08.14 am31 01:10


jacob | 26.10.13 pm31 20:18

hey if you would want to see a first impressions review video please watch my video on youtube. As a note i am really scared of clowns so if you want to hear me scream then watch the video. video link:


Bewilder House Bewilder House Bewilder House Bewilder House Bewilder House

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