Death - Episode 1

Death - Episode 1

You are death and as the death you have certain privileges, duty and power, those you use for your work. But a mistake has happened and you are without the scythe and body. So are there any fates waiting for you in this adventure?
I did not say too much to the story because after the slow beginning you will experience great story and you are going to visit very original and funny locations. As I said before you are Mr. Death. You go through nice locations, collect items there and combine them. In this way you are going to solve most of the problems, riddles and puzzles. Huge part of the game are the dialogs. Mostly funny but sometimes not beneficial. What is huge plus is the graphic, nicely drawn and funny to. So I can only recommend you this game.

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Death - Episode 1 Death - Episode 1 Death - Episode 1 Death - Episode 1 Death - Episode 1

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