Rosslyn - The Templar Mystery

Rosslyn - The Templar Mystery

Be a good boy and solve a mystery of the templar chapel. Clues will be provided from your grandfather diary, but you will also need wits and a dose of patience. Atmosphere soaked adventure game boasting excellent visuals and music, which you simply love, or hate.
Nothing like a good brain teaser. This one is more suitable for experienced adventure game players. You start inside the chapel full of hard puzzles. Look out for active objects. The game is streamlined so, when you have solved one part, comes another and active objects' location may change accordingly. Pick up, use objects and special actions, when appropriate. For example you will push, rotate and surprisingly, to examine is missing. Use your grandfather's diary located in your inventory ( Q ) to get hints. Whole game is under-colored with luxury music adding to the atmosphere.

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Rosslyn Temple, still has a virus. Please run your antivirus on the file DB

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il gioco e infetto


Rosslyn - The Templar Mystery Rosslyn - The Templar Mystery Rosslyn - The Templar Mystery Rosslyn - The Templar Mystery Rosslyn - The Templar Mystery

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