Some Peace Of Mind

Some Peace Of Mind

If I see an unknown guy in my rook in the middle of the night I wouldn’t follow him. But in Some Peace Of Mind you play as a guy who isn’t so afraid and goes searching for clues to follow the unknown.
The game was made in Game Maker but doesn’t look some. The style is point-and-click and most of the rooms and places are photos and even the items are real. So collect needed items in total mess because the most of places look like my flat so finding what you have to find can be tricky. This is probably the only big minus I have. The rest is great, the photos are real, the length is about 1 – 2 game hours and the difficulty is for true adventure players.

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Stefanos | 04.01.21 am31 10:32

Hi, so this is me, the lone Some Peace Of Mind developer. I have some news, the game is now available on the Apple App Store completely redesigned with new story, puzzles, scenes, music etc. Please give it a try, thanks!

Immortalwind | 09.07.12 pm31 16:06

I just found out by pure chance your review of the game I've made! Wow, thank you for your nice words! And a big thanks to all those people who have played it, didn't know they were so many! Please, visit my webpage to leave your feedback Thank You!


Some Peace Of Mind Some Peace Of Mind Some Peace Of Mind Some Peace Of Mind

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