Alex Gordon

Alex Gordon

Alex Gordon with his sister were only a step from reaching the treasure – strange talisman. But when they touched it something happened and Alex’s sister was kidnapped. What’s next?
Alex is a fox which is very smart. He only need some with and his hands. He travels the country and searches for the sister. He visits many areas as jungle or desert. Your task is to destroy as many enemies possible, find all hidden places and collect all stars. It’s not needed to getting into the next level but it makes the game more interesting. The money you get is quite important to buy and island and build several things. The enemies are various but mostly turtles, pandas, dogs and other things. To destroy them just jump on their heads and if you bump into water enemies pres Ctrl and needed arrow. To travel under water you have to breathe so find geysers with bubbles.

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Alex Gordon Alex Gordon Alex Gordon Alex Gordon Alex Gordon

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