This snail has one really strange problem. He must collect coins and after certain time period a clone appears and follows his past moves. Sometimes, it shoots you as well.
Timeslip keeps great content for hardcore players. Jump, collect coins and shoot some annoying garden dwarves and get into the exit. But most of the levels contains buttons which open many doors and that’s where the best and worst part arrives. After some time a clone appears and follows your moves so with its help you can continue through the opened doors and wait for more clones to appear. However, you mustn’t touch any of the clones or the game is over, you mustn’t be touched by the evil dwarves or the game is over and the best game over is when your clone shoots you because of the recent moves and dwarf shooting. Yes, Timeslip is very difficult, especially one mistake mostly means restart of the level. It can become frustrating but the gameplay was still keeping on the good level.

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Timeslip Timeslip Timeslip Timeslip Timeslip

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