My Freecell Solitaire

My Freecell Solitaire

I present to you the popular card game in a new guise. Kings are looking like dangerous mobsters and queens beautiful ladies in evening gowns. A little gangster style worked perfectly, twist adds to the attraction and style. Try it too.

Who among us would not know the composition of cards according to the size of their values? Well, few people know how to play solitaire. For remember, however, I mention the rules after all. The aim is to get sorted pile of cards of its kind. So in the end would be diamonds, hearts, clubs and spades sorted from ace to king. But it's not as easy as it looks. On the rink are located groups of cards, all of which face you see, so you know their value. Folds, as stated above, you have to start from the ace, which means that the ace you often have to work out. How? Relocations of those pieces that are over this.A way, you fold descending and you will alternate colors. So you always start from the king and if it is red, lady should be black and vice versa. The problem here may occur if you move a large group of sorted cards. Freak on that behaves reluctantly and often responds to you directly by refusing to move a group as you choose. It is thus often necessary to move it in smaller parts. Unsuitable cards, you can temporarily move in the box in the upper left corner. From there you can take and use again.

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My Freecell Solitaire My Freecell Solitaire My Freecell Solitaire

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