2091: Jim's Odyssey

2091: Jim's Odyssey

You wake up from the log sleep to find out that your spaceship has been damaged. Will you get out and repair what is needed? The best part is flying in space.
2091: Jim's Odyssey combines adventure and simulation of flying in space using a special space suit. At first, you have to get to the airlock and that’s a bit tricky part, you may even fail in it so small hint is in the video below the text. After you get out you will try to control he spacesuit, find out what’s wrong and repair it. 2091: Jim's Odyssey is really original game and gets more points for nice graphics and the right atmosphere for this type of game.

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2091: Jim's Odyssey 2091: Jim's Odyssey 2091: Jim's Odyssey 2091: Jim's Odyssey

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