Beetle Bomp

Beetle Bomp

For someone an invasion of beetles doesn't pose a problem, the other would prefer to climb the table, to avoid them. Fortunately, you have a reliable means to get rid of several feet vermin. Let the fight, collect bonuses, and enjoy exciting levels.
Pun works on the same principle as Azteca, or Luxor, when shooting in at least two objects of the same color (same type) so that the snake, which is composed of it, is entirely eliminated. In our case, a long line is represented by bugs, beetles and centipedes. In addition to colored insects that will come to gun, you'll get the rainbow ball, which you can shoot anywhere and it sticks, or directly destroys the group. I should pre-warn-sensitive natures. At each level comes a turning point, when the game speeds up. It is accompanied by a huge flash of white light which is very unpleasant to the eyes. At the end of level is necessary to pick up golden rings, so that none comes in vain. We can take advantage of the gradual falling off the path, which passed the beetles. Enjoy beautiful and imaginative graphics, the play is interspersed with the dialogues of the main characters, a nice music adds dynamics.

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jessica | 02.01.13 pm31 19:41

i will sure like to play one of these games i lovethem


Beetle Bomp Beetle Bomp Beetle Bomp Beetle Bomp Beetle Bomp

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