Mix (in a nice big sharp blender) animals to create bunny-cow, or horse-cow but then also you'll try to get them to destination through a series of traps. Originality, humor and fun.

And why all this behavior? Under you can find out more.

It is a puzzle game in which making chopping pieces from animals is of crucial importance for all subsequent events. Throw in a blender specified number of animals, and press the button to create a new original individual. It now has all the characteristics of former animals and you by pressing specific icon use it to overcome obstacles. The catch? Certainly. This monster is constantly moving, so you need to jump (bunny) or bomb (cow) on time, or, if possible, use a third button with stop function. The path is lined with gaps, foot-plates, bombs and barriers in general. In more complex levels, the process is phased, so that the first animal to obtain solves a first part in which it dies, and another animal finishes the level. Number of animals in the mixer is limited. You don't know what awaits you here, which keeps playtime longer.

A game full of surprises, definitely entertainment. For competitive individuals isn't missing the opportunity of collecting medals, which is based on the time for which you've mastered the level. Incredibly catchy thing.

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