Build your own sea aquarium. Decorate it with underwater plants, buy new fish species and take care of it. Before you get to that you must come trough a play on words with sea creatures. Can you beat unforgiving time limit?
Each level is distinctive. The goal is to get rid of all golden areas on the game board. Create at least trio of the undersea creatures across the golden areas. At least one is needed to be placed on gold, if you look forward to finish the level. There are pitfalls in a form of chains and silver plates. The chains must be shattered. Again by forming a tree of a kind. Silver plates need a double trio to destroy. You get points and money after each successful level, which you may use to buy new kind of fish, decoration and/or other. You may observe from time to time a bubbles above heads of your wards. This represents their desires. Graphics is solid, so is sound and levels vary sufficiently not to get boring. Each player may create an aquarium according to his/her fantasy.

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