Music Racer

Music Racer

When hatches really an interesting idea, which offers all the good done design, so you just can not miss it. This is the case of Music Racer, which perfectly combines driving enjoyment and music.

What can you expect? Together we have 3 modes, where you drive the space rover on really amazing track with a parade background nebula. This already suggests the graphic design of which can not be criticized too much and the game you take off on weaker machines too. Modes are divided into collecting points where you just ride the track clean and collect the green and blue objects. Then there is a similar mode, but this time you are put into the path of the red stuff, which means your points going and what's worse for a few seconds the screen blur. The third option and is probably the best, the combination with music that you choose yourself from personal stores (this also applies to the other two modes, but playing music has no effect). Collecting points is needed to keep your score as close to zero, because the game will keep the music slowing down and if you have just enough points you will keep it as close to normal speed.

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Music Racer Music Racer Music Racer Music Racer

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