Doomed Dungeon

Doomed Dungeon

Come closer and don’t worry, you are going to get into one great adventure in a dungeon. After long time we have some nice RPG.
It’s no Dungeon Master but all RPG fans will find this entertaining among freeware games. Every level of this dungeon gives you several enemies to slain using your weapons or spell. It’s only about choosing the right character and race according the style of gameplay you prefer. I can only recommend – don’t take wizeard is just too weak and without mana you die quickly. You can fill up your health and mana using potions that can be found throughout the dungeon. Plus you can collect special items with special bonuses.

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Doomed Dungeon | 08.09.13 pm30 14:37

Doomed Dungeon


Doomed Dungeon Doomed Dungeon Doomed Dungeon

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