Amelies Cafe

Amelies Cafe

The theme of hospitality, restaurants and fast food is pretty common on free-ware scene. Today we will visit Amelie's Café and menu offers usual unhealthy stuff like pizza, hamburgers and French fries. Can you satisfy every customer?
The customers, as usual, are an impatient lot and even more, when it comes to fast food. It is wise to prepare things ahead. Our heroine has the management duty of the whole process. There are three tables and staff, which consist also of three people. Each one has different specialty. Once customer arrives, click on him/her. He will present its order. Walk in to the proper table and wait for order completion, then serve it to the customer. Be advised to let the staff work constantly. This will save time and you will have meals prepared in advance. From time to time you have to service the production lines using broom. You can tell the customer satisfaction by an icon above its head. If green, everything is okay, however if it starts to change color to red, the customer may even angrily leave your premises.

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Amelies Cafe Amelies Cafe Amelies Cafe Amelies Cafe Amelies Cafe

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