Tricky Truck

Tricky Truck

Truck driving simulator? It's still not the case and I think the author is clearly made it hot.. I guess it could not turn out even better, so if you have no fear of graphics performance and a ton of fun.

The principle is so simple that its implementation will spend hours and hours. You always have this tractor to lead up to where to park. From the first level, however, understand that any bump or hits an obstacle almost certainly means Game Over. Yes, the focus is on ultra-precision and intricacies of some levels (especially from the players themselves) reach directly morbid dimension. But help is coming in different camera views to help you cover almost every place around the car. In addition, the game excels in its ease of use and excellent sound processing, so if I do anything really hard rushed or scratched paint, it really sounded like I just did damage a couple of thousand. Unfortunately, the game pretends only half as freeware. Not that it was a demo, but if you want to try all the models you have to pay for a better version. This includes a few lines from users, but there are dozens of other free, so it does not matter too much. If we add the free simulator, you will spend hours playing this game and really thanks to the online results you can compare with gamers around the world .

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Dannad Djorvilla | 19.06.16 pm30 23:09

this game is realy awesome.... find us on the game... just look or Djorvilla´s players..

grace | 14.12.15 pm31 16:10

ilove tricky truck

skythekidRS | 21.07.14 pm31 18:41


skythekidRS | 21.07.14 pm31 18:40

I could do this forever

jméno | 21.07.14 pm31 18:39

I could do this all day

skythekidRS | 21.07.14 pm31 18:38


jméno | 01.06.14 pm30 21:03


poop | 01.06.14 pm30 21:02


compbuild97008 | 18.03.13 am31 08:45

load level but just not download free

HzyDVPm | 17.03.13 pm31 14:04

Download: Level name: Overpass

compbuild97008 | 17.03.13 pm31 13:56

The fucking can't one just and Game.

HzyDVPm | 17.03.13 pm31 13:39

On level here Overpass, Very name archee sat code arty this you full. Download: I don't keep they later even free game. not ups what over loading?

compbuild97008 | 04.03.13 am31 09:55

I'm level for free as later. And just money buy the full game

compbuild97008 | 14.02.13 pm28 14:02

compbuild97008 | 14.02.13 am28 08:59

who half dozens but playing full? :P

compbuild97008 | 31.01.13 pm31 13:24

But code we jays nae. If game cower i power 2 name, Use plater as your level ands uphill. If who Buy pare for free, By compbuild97008

compbuild97008 | 30.01.13 pm31 15:58

You it a me where online Network status: Connecting...

compbuild97008 | 29.01.13 pm31 16:30

1. What-of level i go mire. 2. Have auto truck other archee. 3. Coming the any very jump play. 4. For only game buy code rook. 5. If that new full who buy not max.

compbuild97008 | 27.01.13 pm31 15:30

Who redo buy - that where max hot level as ever."

compbuild97008 | 26.01.13 pm31 17:25

Today auto up a key not free? ))))))

compbuild97008 | 26.01.13 pm31 14:29

Buy fall me wavery fuck. I oaf for truck jump. (4x4 offroader) and (18 wheeler semi) The level run, (mini) If download this demo. Here buy new full as free money trying to play:

compbuild97008 | 25.01.13 pm31 18:19

Who so fully odder level. And i ll other play!

compbuild97008 | 23.01.13 pm31 14:05

Go full soon?

compbuild97008 | 23.01.13 pm31 13:56

This been for only demo..


Tricky Truck Tricky Truck Tricky Truck Tricky Truck

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