Mountainbike Challenge 2010

Mountainbike Challenge 2010

Mountain-bike challenge does not offer easy ride for a snack. You will ride trough nature and expect a wild one.
The Green-tube trademark is already well established and besides skiing simulation in winter, you can enjoy bike riding simulation too. You can choose from two game modes. On line, this needs registration or free training mode. Both means to beat a track as quickly as possible. First you create a rider, pick a gender and color combination of his/her dress. Then choose a track. Without registration there are only two. However, in fact, four, because you can ride it during rainy or sunny weather. the weather affects bicycle dynamics. Do not forget to pick a bike. Properly tuned bike can help you a lot. You must master different aspects to work in together. Try for yourself. The ride is very catchy and live experience. You ride over boulders and need to drive effectively. You pass a control posts, where you get information about advancement or loose. However do not get caught in statistics, concentrate on driving. You may change view by C key. This bike simulation is well made. To enjoy it fully you need to register and compared to former episodes there is nothing new. However it has solid game-play and I can imagine how you enjoy competition with your friends.

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Mountainbike Challenge 2010 Mountainbike Challenge 2010 Mountainbike Challenge 2010

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