RaceRoom - The Game 2

RaceRoom - The Game 2

Jaké to asi je sedět za volantem závodního vozu? Podle tohoto titulu to vypadá dost drsně a na nějaké arkádové závodění si moc nezvykejte, naopak se těšte na luxusní grafiku a parádní zážitek z jízdy. Tedy pokud budete alespoň chvilku trpěliví.
What’s the feeling sitting behind a wheel of a racing car? According this title it looks tough without any arcade racing. The graphics is great and you can enjoy nice ride.
Game RaceRoom has already appeared and today, we have the sequel. It may look so. Choose the track some good looking car and go beat some time limit.
What must be done at first is the registration to race on-line. You may choose from 6 tracks and 5 types of cars, the colors can be changed as well. The loading takes some time but it may have been thanks my older computer. When racing, you can switch among views. The racing style is quite realistic and mistakes mean losing positions.
The control can be set-up to create what you like felling in your hands. If you wish you can connect your own gaming wheel .

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RaceRoom - The Game 2 RaceRoom - The Game 2 RaceRoom - The Game 2 RaceRoom - The Game 2 RaceRoom - The Game 2

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