Energy Tycoon

Energy Tycoon

Game about tycoon for hardcore tycoon fans. It's an open-source game and has only one map but that doesn't matter too much because new one will arrive for sure later. The map is Germany and you have to distribute the electricity into all the cities. Create new technologies and of course have enough sources running your power stations and building the new ones. But there is more things. You can trade with other countries as well. Don't make the same mistake as me, when I started building like crazy and bankrupted almost immediately. Wait when the production capacity of some power plant is full and then star building other power stations. Nice thing is that you can play a bad guy and save money by doing and making nasty things. Give this game some time to learn all the possibilities and you will enjoy it a lot.

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Tycoon Game Lover | 29.03.15 pm31 19:25

The game is great. This game has great potential. Many features, can sign trade agreements,Purchase and sell goods, can perform research on new technologies. But eventually one problem contains only one map "Germany". Hoping new maps are on the way with new features and more options.

tycoon game lover | 29.03.15 pm31 19:18

Yes the game has only one map. Hoping new maps are available. I really loves this game. The game has a great potential,many features, many polices.


Energy Tycoon Energy Tycoon Energy Tycoon Energy Tycoon Energy Tycoon

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