Pomsta má je atomová

Pomsta má je atomová

If you like text-adventure games maybe you will like this presented one named Pomsta je atomová (The revenge is atomic) from 1999 of game makers AlBertCatfilm. Ok what is going on? If you really hate somebody and you have reason for it maybe you would like revenge. This game is the right way and when revenge then huge one - nuclear revenge.
In the game setup you choose the subject you want to repay , could be fictional or real , from school , work , your street or TV. The story starts with parked car behind a corner , you are standing in front of the victim's house and you have to find uranium for a nuclear bomb. And that is the game's plot from the end of the century. It is a classic text-game - GO , SEARCH, TAKE , SPEAK , OPEN, USE , FIX, PUT AWAY, SHOOT. In the game you have your own inventory full of things you take with.
The very big minus is diacritic. The game runs under DOS and if you run it in the window the font has wrong diacritic and if you run it in full window mode again the text is twice there. Still with this minus the game is no problem to be played so go on , download and revenge

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Pomsta má je atomová Pomsta má je atomová Pomsta má je atomová Pomsta má je atomová Pomsta má je atomová

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