All-Star Basketball

All-Star Basketball

How many points are you able to score in the time limit? Test your aiming in this sporty basketball game.
It’s busy day under the basket. You control a player who is trying to score as many points and keep his series going. This requires good timing and fine estimation. Use the touch of your finger to aim and rapidly moving it means giving it enough power. After every successful hit you get points and with increased series you get power ups. They can increase the time limit or give bonuses coins. And the coins are pretty important here. After every game you get coins to unlock new content, new modes and your player equipment. The biggest motivation can be the biggest break here, coins are collected very slowly and even accomplishing quests wont’ help too much. So safe money and wait, good game for relax.

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All-Star Basketball All-Star Basketball All-Star Basketball All-Star Basketball

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Minecraft copy!!!!!! all report
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There are also 3 other disadvantages - city isn't very big, there are only 27 missions (28th is a free-ride mission) and we can use only 8 c...
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