Ice Age Adventures

Ice Age Adventures

Sid, Manny, Diego and the squirrel bring the Ice Age mania in this building and exploration game. Explore far away islands, rescue animals and brings them back to their newly built homes.
A piece of ice is the place where you start constructing homes for animals and decorations. The animal friends produce berries which act as the energy. Use it to destroy tress, stones and ice block on various islands so you can reach to more animals and rescue them. Destroyed object may give you shells, these things are resources which are used to feed the animals and build or improve buildings.
The basic routine – collect berries, rescue animals, construct, feed – is typical for most of the game in this casual style. You have to wait to collect enough berries and so be able to progress or you have to wait to finish some buildings. Luckily, there are some things killing this repetitive activity. You can revisit already unlocked islands and get there some more resources, energy or bonus items or special golden acorns, they are here as a special resources to help finishing things. Then there is a mini-game with Scratch and Sid where you have to get through a special track, and avoid all the traps and obstacles. Fun was playing a match-3 game as well. All is nicely in 3D and fully narrated.

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Ice Age Adventures Ice Age Adventures Ice Age Adventures Ice Age Adventures Ice Age Adventures Ice Age Adventures Ice Age Adventures

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