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13 Days After Survival

13 Days After Survival

You may be alone in the world of the zombies but you won’t be in this position too long. More people join you and try the same – survive. Will you?
13 Days After Survival is separated into one parts. The first is about shooting to survive. The enemies are ordinary zombies or special ones with some defense. You can wear three guns but the aiming is living hell. The aim dot is moving and rotating like crazy. The second part is filled with searching for survivor, weapons and improving your hero. The range of weapons is amazing and everybody will find their popular piece.

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13 Days After Survival 13 Days After Survival 13 Days After Survival 13 Days After Survival

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I played this when I was a kid.
27.10.2021 am31 04:06:46

I love numbers
26.10.2021 am31 07:07:38

Класс, можно свой музон добовлять прикольно, спасибо
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