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Amor or Eros have been mentioned and created into many forms, mostly as young boy with bow and arrows. Now you are going to do his work. You task or goal is to collect pairs of blue and red hearts by shooting them, you gain a line of combinations but if you shoot two blue or red in the row it disappear. You have to gain as many points as possible. Sometimes you will see a cloud and for that you have special silver arrows that destroys them. After some time the game is faster and faster.

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Amor Amor

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Works okay, nothing unsafe, but I can't make it fullscreen.
28.11.2015 pm30 18:54:10

Is this safe?
28.11.2015 pm30 18:49:46

27.11.2015 am30 11:39:31

Rosslyn Temple, still has a virus. Please run your antivirus on the file DB
15.11.2015 pm30 15:54:49

text příspěvku
29.10.2015 pm31 20:18:32

n é muito bom mas fazer o q
29.10.2015 pm31 20:18:11