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Down to Hell

Down to Hell

This is a slightly above-average arcade. Regarding the story, dismiss all the information very quickly. Two brothers meet, either telling the other about the lost father and the other will go to help him. And then you just cut all what you can get their hands indiscriminately. Then I remember, even before the undead and similar creatures, you can choose which of the brothers will play. Each has a slightly different style of fighting. The advantage of the various combo attacks by pressing the right button combination. At the same time you have to sustain enough energy they get by killing enemies. At the end of each round, waiting for you the boss, but which is sometimes easier to beat than go through the previous levels. Anyway, you can expect from a bunch of monsters beating and it's good to think about a strategy to deal with opponents one by one. This small advice - using islets and also that if you go to the border on one side of the screen, you'll find yourself on the other. o)

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Down to Hell Down to Hell

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