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Order Player score Reached on
1.pari11712017.04.14 pm30 13:58
1.pari11330017.04.14 pm30 14:00
last update 6.7.2020 13:45:12

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Player score Description Reached on
pari11 3300 / Score Hyper Mode 17.04.14 pm30 14:01
pari11 3300 / Score Hyper Mode 17.04.14 pm30 14:00
pari11 1370 / Score Hyper Mode 17.04.14 pm30 13:59
pari11 7120 / Score Normal Mode 17.04.14 pm30 13:58
HAL 910 / Score Hyper Mode 29.03.14 pm31 18:21
HAL 0 / Score Normal Mode 29.03.14 pm31 18:20
DoDoTom68 3570 / Score Normal Mode 24.03.14 pm31 17:11
katruska 34160 / Score Normal Mode 24.03.14 pm31 17:00
katruska 34160 / Score Normal Mode 24.03.14 pm31 16:59
katruska 17970 / Score Normal Mode 24.03.14 pm31 13:27
last update 6.7.2020 13:45:12




This game is about a sharp eye and points where a second matters. Play and compare your speed with other players.
Don’t be puzzled with a simple graphics. One-Sec is a challenge for all competitive players and as the name says a second plays a main role.
White dots appear in the game area and you have to click on them. It’s not only to be fast enough but you have to show the right timing. Only this way you will be able to get some fine points and get good place in our best players list. A bit more difficult game mode called hyper is available where any mistake can lead to a game end.

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