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Squario 2

Squario 2

Mario doesn't need any boiler suit or red hat. It's enough to be a square with one eye. Squario 2 is one of many Mario world clones but this piece belongs among the better games. You walk the world which behaves and has the same rules as the original game. The change is in its graphics and differently looking enemies. The bonus, bricks, goal is the same.

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Edgard and Fedgard | 24.03.20 pm31 19:28


Edgard and Fedgard. | 27.03.15 am31 00:51

Edgard and Fedgard are pipe bathroom water cup are at outside?

Edgard and Fedgard | 27.03.15 am31 00:49

Edgard and Fedgard are using a toilet to down the pipe maze water.


Squario 2 Squario 2

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