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BubbleQuod 2

BubbleQuod 2

Yes, this strange guy in a bubble is really your hero. It's nothing with zorbing but to be in a bubble has some pros. For example when you are in a water you cannot drown. But what's this game about? You have to get the guy in the bubble to the exit The game is mostly logic and jumpy so you have to think out how to get him there. In some levels you have more than one figure.

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BubbleQuod 2 BubbleQuod 2

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01.12.2023 am31 00:14:04

Please dont remove this game , there is no other resource
17.11.2023 am30 06:50:48

08.10.2023 am31 11:20:19

why was this deleted? i really want to play this.
13.09.2023 am30 09:12:56
10.09.2023 am30 07:19:45
10.09.2023 am30 03:27:47

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