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Klax 3D

Klax 3D

Quick deciding, right square sorting and strong nerves. That's a fragment what you need it this game. If you belong among hardcore players of logic games you will like the difficulty setting as the understanding of the content. If you like good visual then you'll welcome the 3D.

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Klax 3D Klax 3D

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01.07.2015 am31 00:16:32

thank yuo
01.07.2015 am31 00:16:26

This is the only site with this game on internet.....
29.06.2015 pm30 21:57:52

I was looking for this game. It`s veeeeeeeeery hard to find. Tank You...
29.06.2015 pm30 21:57:06

I remember to play this game a lot. Those were good days.
29.06.2015 pm30 21:54:19