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Ninja Painter 2

Ninja Painter 2

Ninja isn’t fighting but he is spraying, according this game.
Ninja Panter 2 is very addictive logic game where you have to color all the cubes with some certain color. Use all the bumps, keys to unlock doors, and climb ladders. At first, all looks simple but the later game gets very difficult. Keep in concentration to beat all the 24 levels. The game is available for Android as well.

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Ninja Painter 2 Ninja Painter 2 Ninja Painter 2

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Today! at 09:32

doesnt wokn in window 8 fix it pls
Today! at 09:32

this game is realy awesome.... find us on the game... just look or Djorvilla´s players..
19.06.2016 pm30 23:09:48

06.06.2016 pm30 15:33:26

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31.05.2016 pm31 23:35:27

doesnt work - windows 8
31.05.2016 pm31 23:35:20

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