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Best players Easter Golf

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1.charlie122200025.04.14 am30 06:35
2.magnosolva21500025.04.14 pm30 21:42
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magnosolva 215000 / Score EasterGolf 25.04.14 pm30 21:42
charlie1 222000 / Score EasterGolf 25.04.14 am30 06:35
Patrik-Muller 335230 / Score EasterGolf 13.02.14 pm28 20:41
DoDoTom68 197200 / Score EasterGolf 12.02.14 am28 08:44
GOTorroGO 226290 / Score EasterGolf 12.02.14 am28 03:02
janice11 174660 / Score EasterGolf 31.10.13 am31 11:30
kenken 159320 / Score EasterGolf 31.10.13 am31 11:19
baletka 146070 / Score EasterGolf 16.09.13 pm30 20:57
magnosolva 237580 / Score EasterGolf 12.08.13 pm31 21:13
magnosolva 217060 / Score EasterGolf 12.08.13 pm31 20:54
last update 16.10.2019 17:03:42


Easter Golf

Easter Golf

Easter Bunny decided to do something for his health and play a mini parade. But the big ears is very inexperienced and unable to estimate the power and distance. Can you help him shoot all the easter eggs? Surely you do not pick up all but the more the better. In the performance of difficult tasks you have to deal with not only not being maintained terrain which is hilly and grassy, but soon we will reach as well large bodies of water that stand in your way. Of course, the ball must not drown in them. But even if that happened, don't worry, level restarts and continue where you left off. At Easter Golf abreact really well and draw new strength accompanied by a relaxing melody tones.

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Easter Golf Easter Golf

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