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1.magnosolva12563225.04.14 pm30 20:48
2.charlie17674425.04.14 am30 07:46
3.DoDoTom684541202.04.14 pm30 15:51
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magnosolva 119570 / Score Highscores 25.04.14 pm30 21:05
magnosolva 125632 / Score Highscores 25.04.14 pm30 20:48
magnosolva 116537 / Score Highscores 25.04.14 pm30 20:35
charlie1 76744 / Score Highscores 25.04.14 am30 07:46
DoDoTom68 45412 / Score Highscores 02.04.14 pm30 15:51
Patrik-Muller 132613 / Score Highscores 13.02.14 pm28 12:39
kuba75 66501 / Score Highscores 13.02.14 am28 11:00
Patrik-Muller 60459 / Score Highscores 13.02.14 am28 10:46
magnosolva 59168 / Score Highscores 01.08.13 pm31 18:40
Lasanin 44391 / Score Highscores 06.07.13 pm31 15:39
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Miniature golf, but that is something a little different. Again, you have to get the ball into the hole again counted blows, but the entire gaming experience thanks to amplify your awesome graphics and animations.
Mouse determine the impact strength and direction of the ball, while trying to finish the hole on the minimum number of strokes. What makes the game different and better than others, is a graphical processing. The whole thing takes place mostly on a playing surface that represents something like the world, and you wander after him. Divides between wells are accompanied by animations surrounding objects, so there is always something happening and you will be driven by desire, What happens to it again :-). Oh, and there is too little about those issues ... Awesome and fun!

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Wonderputt Wonderputt

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Muito obrigado por ter criado esse jogo, sinceramente foi o jogo que marcou minha infância e encontra-lo depois de anos é algo que enche meu...
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