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Heliguardian War

Heliguardian War

Forget the troopers or armored vehicles, the universal fighting machine is the helicopter! Or at least the creator of Heliguardian War say so. You make helicopters of many kinds and upgrade them further, you buy defensive towers and improve your base etc. etc. there is big number if improvements. And where do you fight? In the game is a fictive continent map you have to capture, so sit down and prepare yourself for tough fight. Well at first not the first mission is really easy and you do not need to use the special weapon, that destroyes all enemies on the map, either. Later , the enemies helicopters start to be annoying and to destroy the will be tough work because you will not be able to create you own unites. The most important thing is to invest your money well into improvements if you do so, the victory is your.

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Heliguardian War Heliguardian War

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