Sandy Evolution

Sandy Evolution

A bit scary, a bit joyful, but mostly unbelievably enjoyable. The talk is about today's game, which may be called a little experimental project. Simplistic, however on the other hand well thought out piece, which lets you peek inside the mystery of shape-shifting.
I sure don't know how to exactly call the creature you control. It may be a dust particle, or maybe just some type of micro-organism. At first it seems, that your avatar is completely vulnerable and so it is, just because it may shoot only one shot and even it takes some time to reload. Its, particularly yours strength lies in the shape-shifting ability, so you may transform visually into the form of your enemies, which you destroy by holding the right cursor arrow. With different shape you inherit all traits, mainly shooting ability. Another bonus feature is that you have one extra life. When in a basic form, one hit means instant death. When transformed you will sustain the hit, but change back to basic. I must give my endorsement for really innovative idea and stylish black&white graphics. What I find rather annoying is the difficulty, which requires agile fingers.

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Sandy Evolution Sandy Evolution Sandy Evolution Sandy Evolution Sandy Evolution

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